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Wilton L. Triggs II is an award winning plastic surgeon with accreditation from the country’s top medical universities. His passion for healthcare excellence is prominent in his exemplary portfolio of work, as well as his public engagements in Florida and Tennessee.

His personal passions include a dedication to overall health and wellness, as well as curated personal fashion for the active professional. These passions come to life in his merchandising brand CutLife.


"For surely we become like the things in which we believe. Our thoughts make us what we are. We take on the characteristics of our convictions."

Marcus Bach


2018 USF GME Research Grant

2018 Plastic Surgery Grand Rounds: Auricular Reconstruction: CC

2018 Plastic Surgery Grand Rounds: Auricular Reconstruction

Plastic Surgery Grand Rounds: Traumatic Lower Extremity Reconstruction: CC

Plastic Surgery

Dr. Triggs is accepting clients at Vixen Plastic Surgery Miami.

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